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Jaime Carvallo


A leadership and management expert



Originally from Lima, Peru, and currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Jaime Carvallo is a talented and experienced leader who has spent his career acquiring and honing his skills as a leading professional in his industry. 

Currently, in his career, Jaime is the Managing Director of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Asset & Wealth Management and Brokerage industries for an investment banking boutique working out of New York. Jaime joined the team in early 2019, and in the time since, he has been co-leading a team of four experienced professionals.  His team focuses on advising in multiple matters within the wealth management, asset management, and brokerage industry, including mergers and acquisitions, valuation, and other strategic advisory services. 

When it comes to his role as a leader, Jaime knows that collaboration is a crucial part of achieving success. When his team succeeds, he succeeds with them, and when they fail, he fails alongside them, too.  

He also knows that, as a leader, it’s crucial to make sure that inclusion becomes not only a part of the culture but of the air the team breathes as well. Everyone needs to be heard, each person needs to have a role, and no one can be slacking off and letting the rest of the team carry them. He believes that accountability is the key to success. By bringing together a group of talented individuals who share the same commitment to excellence and vision, he has found success time and time again. 

Prior to his current position, Jaime has had a successful career. He graduated from the Universidad de Lima in 1994 with his Bachelor of Business Administration and began working for Banco de Credito del Peru as a Credit Officer for Commercial Banking in the Corporate Banking Division. After three years in the role, during which he managed a portfolio of $250 million of loans for the largest import/export businesses in Peru, he stepped up into the role of Senior Risk Analyst. 

Jaime then returned to academia and enrolled at The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He graduated in 2001 with his MBA, majoring in Strategic Management with a concentration in Finance and Marketing. 

In 2001, Jaime moved to New York, where he stepped into the role of Relationship Manager for The Citigroup Private Bank, managing the assets of wealthy Latin American families and developing strategies to preserve and grow their wealth. In 2005, Jaime joined HSBC Bank Vice President for the International Private Bank focused on developing the Andean Region market and advising wealthy Latin American clients on their wealth management needs. 

Prior to his current position, he co-founded an investment banking boutique based in New York. Here, he focused on middle-market M&A and strategic advisory work in the financial services sector for over ten years, working with asset and wealth managers, broker-dealers, and fund administrators globally. 

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Past Positions


Co-Founder of Park Sutton Advisors, LLC

Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as strategic advisor for asset & wealth managers, fund administrators, and broker-dealers.

Vice President of Deutsche Bank Trust Company, N.A

Private Banker focused on developing the book of high-net-worth clients in Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador for the bank’s New York office.

Vice President of HSBC Private Bank

Private Bank focused on Developing the Book of high-net-worth clients in Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador for the bank’s New York Office. In addition, Jaime co-managed  the largest relationship for the bank’s New York office, working closely with the Private Bank’s Latam CEO.’/

Assistant Vice President with the Citigroup Private Bank

Private bank focused on developing the book of high-net-worth clients in Peru, Colombua, and Ecuador for the bank’s New York office.



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Jaime Carvallo graduated from the Wharton School of Business in 2001, earning his MBA in Finance.

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