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Now and then, we all need a little motivation, whether it be at home to get a project done or at work when you feel like you do the same thing day in and day out. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep that motivation, but you will fail to maintain your true work potential if you don’t have some help. 

When you have the motivation, people often have a more positive outlook on the things surrounding them, and they are more excited about what they are doing. You invest your time doing something you feel is worthwhile. It is also said those that are motivated enjoy their jobs more than those who do not feel motivated. 

If you feel like your teammates lack motivation, what should you do? You want your teammates to be filled with a positive state of mind, and it is essential that as their leader, you keep them motivated to continue doing a great job. So what do you do to keep them motivated?

Encourage Teamwork

Things often flow better when you can get a sense of camaraderie when trying to accomplish something. Team members can often help those around them to keep each other accountable for their end of the project and help them look beyond themselves. This can also inspire trust in those that are in their team. 

Recognize and Reward

Employees are often more motivated when they know there is something in it for them. This can quickly be started by creating a reward system for when an achievement is made in the workplace. If they hit a goal, try creating a spinner wheel with different rewards on it, such as extra vacation days or tickets to a baseball game, something that you know will catch their eye. This can also be done for festive occasions and holidays. Everyone likes to receive some recognition when it comes to their work, knowing that their hard work has paid off. 


You want your employees to know that they are valued as individuals. It lowers morale when employees feel expendable, and at any possible moment, they could be let go. It is essential to encourage those employees, showcasing their aspirational goals, reward them for their accomplishments, and make sure they know that they are doing a good job. 

Remember that it is also essential to be a support system for your team. Leaders who support their team and the work that they are doing will help to earn trust in their employees. Have sympathy, because you never know when someone may be having an issue that could be causing their work to falter. Keep them focused and driven to develop their job skills. Maintain expectations and let your employees know what you expect. Many will look up to leaders that maintain their compassion and motivation by praise.