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As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, they have become a great way to stay up-to-date on current information. Many have even given it an entertaining and comedic spin. As a result, the world of podcasting is becoming steadily more crowded with numerous podcasts with the same focus. If you search “leadership podcasts,” you are inundated with over a hundred search results. With some focused on things such as sales, religion, or issues women face in leadership, how do you narrow down which ones stand out from the rest? Here are the top three. 

The Go-Giver 

Hosted by Bob Burg, his core concept comes from his best-selling book, “The Go-Giver.” Like the book, his podcast focuses on providing value to others is both fulfilling and the most profitable way to work. In each episode, Burg starts with a thought of the day, which is then followed by a 15-minute interview. Bob is not only cunning but provides valuable insights to his listeners. 

This Is Your Life 

With a podcast focused on helping those who are overwhelmed high achievers to win in both work and life, Michael Hyatt’s podcast, “This Is Your Life,” teaches others how to lead with confidence. Hyatt uses his podcast to discuss leadership’s finer points regarding productivity, personal development, and influence. Hyatt uses goal setting to help others obtain their goals and teach them how to set obtainable goals. With some parts being wisdom and others being humor, his podcast is both witty and impactful. 

The Nice Guys on Business

Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner share their real-life experiences, successes, struggles, and failures to help teach you to be a better leader in his podcast, “The Nice Guys on Business.” In each episode, Sandler and Strickler give a new perspective on life. Frequently discussed are the podcast rules in which there are no rules, and nothing is off-limits. As hosts, they love to present their audience with a challenge to turn off the negative tapes that continuously replay in a loop in our heads to lead a more positive life filled with a pay-it-forward mantra using kindness, empathy, and compassion as tools. Not only is this podcast about the nice guys, but it can also show you how nice guys don’t always finish last. 

While you’re doing your next workout or maybe even cooking your next meal, take a minute to turn on one of these podcasts and soak in the knowledge that the hosts are there to provide. These podcasts can help you develop your leadership skills and give you tools to help you get out of your box to help lead with compassion, empathy, and kindness.